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I feel alive again!

Poppy’s pain started over 20 years ago but became unbearable in the last five years. She’d tried everything from vascular surgery on both legs, chiropractic treatments, 27 acupuncture sessions, Rx pain medications and multiple rounds of physical therapy – but nothing provided long-term relief.

At this point, she was only sleeping 3 hours continuously.

Then she met Dr. Dawood Sayed who recommend Poppy try HFX spinal cord stimulation. She had a successful trial and now has had the implant for almost 11 months.

She says, “I have not had the slightest back pain or discomfort since. I have not taken any pain medications including over the counter ones! I feel alive again! We are entertaining again and go on dates again.”

Poppy also indicated she has the ability to focus on her business – designing and selling jewelry at conferences, which requires significant time on her feet.

She says “I stood on my feet from 7:00 a.m. until 8:30 pm, two consecutive days in the row!! First time in YEARS!!!”

I'm a completely different person since HFX.

Brock loved being active and spending time with his family. However, chronic back pain limited his ability to live life at the level he desired.

He tried multiple pain therapies to achieve relief, including traditional spinal cord stimulation, but wasn’t reaching his treatment goals and felt “completely out of options.”

That’s when Dr. William Rosenberg suggested he consider HFX. Brock’s trial was successful, and he has been receiving HFX for three months.

Brock has 85% pain relief, is entirely off pain medications and is sleeping through the night. Most importantly, he is back to enjoying life – with his friends, family and through his favorite hobby – hunting. Brock says he feels like a “completely different person since HFX.”

Results may vary. Important safety & risk information.

Walking and getting out of the house is now a reality for me

“My name is Sherri of Harrisonville, MO and I spent years confined to a chair in my home due to excruciating chronic leg and low back pain.

That all changed when I met Dr. Jim Johnson, who suggested I try Nevro’s HFX. It was a decision that changed my life.

Now, nearly one year later after the HFX stimulation implant, I am no longer a prisoner in my own home, and I can live my life more fully-without chronic pain.

I have nearly 100% relief from my pain, and I am thrilled to be once again able do the things that some people consider everyday activities. I used to sit in my chair all day long, but now I am enjoying life! Walking and getting out of the house is now a reality for me.

I am so pleased with my complete transformation and have recommended HFX to several friends and acquaintances.”

Results may vary. Important safety & risk information.

Every day I’m amazed at the little things

Michael was a professional motorcycle road racer and skydiver. He was injured countless times over the course of his career, which eventually led to debilitating chronic pain.

Fortunately, his pain specialist, Dr. Michael Yang at Sonoma Valley Hospital was able to help him achieve a very special outcome with HF10 spinal cord stimulation.

“I am a guy who no longer lives in agonizing, crippling pain. Every day I’m amazed at the little things we take for granted that I can do again. I have other injuries, so I’m not totally fixed, but my life is nothing like it was before HF10. Six weeks after I got the implant, I was able to sleep pain-free through the night and get up and out of chairs without pain.

I was also able to sit on an eight-and-a-half hour flight to Iceland where I hiked up glaciers and enjoyed a pain-free vacation for the first time in ten years. Seven months after the implant, I am still in awe of HF10. Most importantly, I’m able to do much more with my son.

Thanks, Summit Pain Alliance and Nevro for helping me get my life back on track.”

Results may vary. Important safety & risk information.

This device is a miracle and has given me my life back.

Up until February of 2016, Darrell was living with debilitating chronic back pain, which he rated as 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The pain was getting in the way of the hobbies that Darrell loved, such as restoring classic cars. Fortunately, Dr. Ashleigh Byrne, his pain specialist, recommended a temporary trial of HF10. Darrell gave her the OK to perform the trial procedure, which allowed him to evaluate HF10 for about a week.

During that time, he was able to do the dishes, sand cars in his shop, and go on a 2 ½ hour road trip, all of which he could not do with his back pain. As a result, Darrell worked with Dr. Craig Davis, Dr. Byrne’s partner, for the permanent implant so he could use HF10 continuously.

In Darrell’s words, “this device is a miracle and has given me my life back.” Today he rates his back pain between a 0-1 and is reporting over 90% pain relief, 18 months after receiving the implant. Darrell is back to doing the things he loves like working in the shop riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and restoring classic cars, such as this 1930 Model A Coupe with a 357 Chevrolet engine.

Results may vary. Important safety & risk information.

After six months, Deanna is entirely off all pain medication

At the age of 20, Deanna was active as an athlete, college student, and personal trainer.

Unfortunately, her life was interrupted by a degenerated disc that created a cascade of challenges. First, she was diagnosed with sciatica, and treated with micro-discectomy, but shortly after her chronic back pain resurfaced.

For the next two years, Deanna went through numerous procedures and tried to manage with opioid medication, but the pain was too debilitating. She was barely making it through class, work, or enjoying her social life. At this point, Deanna began to feel hopeless and utterly out of options.

Her turning point came the day Dr. David Conyack recommended an HF10 trial. The week of her trial was the most normal Deanna had felt since before her injury. She spent the day walking around and enjoying NYC with NO pain.

She scheduled the implant and a few weeks later began living with 85%-95% relief of her pain.

After six months, Deanna is entirely off all pain medication, she got a 4.0 her first semester back to college, is working again, and is back to weight lifting in the gym.

Results may vary. Important safety & risk information.

Now I attend quilting conferences and produce 4 quilts a month

Becky enjoyed gymnastics as a kid and competed for years. Over time, it took a toll on her body, causing her to undergo 91 surgeries. At times, she was unable to sit, stand or walk for more than 20 minutes and often required a wheelchair.

After years of debilitating chronic pain, she decided to try HF10. Her physician, Dr. Amirdelfan, explained that the HF10 spinal cord stimulation offered significant relief for leg and back pain.

“The trial was a huge success,” states Becky, “and I begged my doctor to get the permanent implant ASAP.” Two weeks later, Becky had her implant and has never looked back!

Today, years later, she is very active with family and friends and has the strength to focus on hobbies such as quilting.

She says, “The sewing and cutting of material used to about kill me, but now I attend quilting conferences and produce 4 quilts a month.”

Results may vary. Important safety & risk information.

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