How HFX works

Find Out How HFX Relieves Chronic Pain

How does HFX relieve pain?

The nerve pain you feel is caused by damaged nerves overproducing and sending abnormal pain signals to your brain.

HFX is a small device that safely delivers pain relief by sending gentle pulses to block those pain signals before you feel them, letting you get back to everyday life and the activities you love.

HFX treats pain at the source

Covered by insurance


Clinically proven


Superior personalized relief

  • Only HFX offers high frequency programming, which is clinically proven to deliver more pain relief.
  • HFX offers the most programming options to maintain long-term relief.
  • HFX safely blocks pain signals without the tingling sensation (paresthesia), letting you just feel pain relief.
  • HFX delivers personalized relief based on the unique nature of your pain.

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Getting started is easy

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    Do you qualify?
    Answer a few questions to find out if you’re a candidate.
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    Find an HFX-trained doctor.
    HFX-trained doctors are available nationwide.
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    Try HFX, before you decide.
    “Test drive” HFX for 1 week with a temporary external device.
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