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Patient manuals & MRI guidelines

All patient manuals and MRI guidelines can be found at Nevro.com.

Downloadable resources

Remote Control Quick Start Guide


(Senza 1000) Remote Control Quick Start Guide


Remote Control MRI Checklist


Frequently asked questions

Can I have an MRI with HFX?

Yes, with HFX you can safely have a full-body MRI scan.* If you need more information about compatibility with MRI and CT scans, please contact your Nevro HFX Care Team at 1-888-895-8105.

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How do I know if HFX is working?

To check the status of your device, turn your remote control ON and make sure you see the Stimulation Level Indicator lights illuminated – you should see white lights.

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What should I do about my pain medication?

It’s possible you’ll be able to stop or decrease your pain medication; however, your doctor will provide guidance on adjustments to your pain medication.

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How often will I need to charge?

Charging will usually take 30 minutes daily, but can vary depending on your settings. Most people choose to charge based on a routine that fits their lifestyle, like when they’re watching TV.

Turn your remote control ON. The battery level indicator light on your remote control will light up to indicate when your battery is low and needs recharging.

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How long will my battery last?

HFX is designed to last at least 10 years.

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Can I drive or sleep with HFX on?

Yes, HFX offers programs that can be used while driving or sleeping.

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Can I fly with HFX?

Yes, you can fly if you first confirm your doctor is OK with it. Remember to keep your charger and remote control in your carry-on luggage in case you need them.

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What happens when I go through airport security?

Like people with a pacemaker, when you go through security, you’ll let them know you have an implanted device and they will direct you to the appropriate place. You may be escorted around the security machine or occasionally, they may need you to go through the security machine. If this happens, turn your stimulation OFF using your remote control and go through the security machine. Once on the other side, use your remote control to turn your device ON for your flight.

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Still need help?

If you have any questions that aren’t answered on this page or need additional support, please call your Nevro HFX Care Team.